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                                      Since 2001, Eric started as a paralegal, employed in a firm that focused strictly in the fields                                       of trusts, conservatorships, probate and estate planning: an area of law guided not only by                                the probate code and the cases interpreting its chapters, but also by family history and dynamics of the parties, by conflict, by equity, and by the ever-fluctuating perspectives of the judiciary.  As a paralegal, Eric assisted with trust and estate administrations, filing conservatorships, preparing estate planning documents, and preparing court-filed accountings, and other necessary tasks in support of a bustling trust, conservatorship, probate and estate planning office.  With a growing fascination of the field’s challenges and technicalities, in 2004 while working as a paralegal Eric began attending law school, seeking to become an attorney in this field; he graduated and passed the bar in 2008.

Since 2008, Eric had been employed with two firms specialized in trusts, conservatorships, probate and estate planning.  At David Lee Rice, APLC, Eric managed the bulk of the firm’s trust, conservatorship, and probate cases, and coordinated with its litigators to secure the best result for their clients.  At Conover & Grebe, LLP, Eric also managed the majority of the firm’s trust, conservatorship, probate cases, and all of the firm’s probate litigation cases, but he then additionally trained and supervised paralegals, bookkeepers, and associate attorneys.  

Eric B. Jeter Attorney At Law

Conservatorships Trusts Probate Attorney

is the founder and owner of Jeter Law,

with fifteen years of combined attorney and paralegal experience.


Since 2011, amid managing caseloads in this field,  Eric would also be regularly appointed by the court to represent elders and those with mental impairments in response to legal proceedings filed against them, most often conservatorships proceedings, but occasionally also requests for court ordered medical procedures.  He continues to be appointed by the court.

 In 2016, Eric left Conover & Grebe, LLP to establish his own firm, Jeter Law.


As he continues to focus on trusts, conservatorships, probate and estate planning he will personally handle your case from start to finish.

Consevatorships Trusts Probate
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