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Trust Administration

trust & Estate


Manage trust and estate property efficiently and effectively

with guidance from an experienced attorney.


Often times, when a person whom created a trust becomes incapacitated or dies an alternate individual must act as 'Trustee', take control of Trust assets, and follow the Trust document to manage the individuals care and/or distribute to the beneficiaries. The amount of work required for each type of trust varies considerably. Some trusts are simple and can be handled without too much attorney assistance; others are complex. Trustees are held to a high fiduciary standard and must act appropriately. Jeter Law can assist you with determining your duties as 'Trustee' and help to ensure you are compliant.

Conservatorships Guardianships Probate Trust Attorney Torrance


Probate in California is the court-supervised process of passing your wealth to your heirs or beneficiaries. The executor of your estate is either appointed in your will or appointed by the probate court if you had no will. The executor then works under court supervision to take control of and manage your assets; pay your funeral costs and final bills; resolve any claims against your estate; pay estate and income taxes; and distribute your property according to the instructions in your will, or according to California probate law if you have no will.

Conservatorships Guardianships Probate Trust Attorney Torrance

At Jeter Law, we make it our personal responsibility in guiding families through the process of getting a love one's will verified by the probate court, including dealing with creditors and having assets appropriately distributed to heirs in accordance with the decedent's wishes or California law.


Jeter Law can handle the intricacies of the legal process of administering and closing the estate, giving you and loved one's the peace of mind to move forward. 

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