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 Probate & Trust


Don't let the thought of "litigation" scare you...

It is not unusual for conflict to appear from time to time in trust and estate matters but in understanding the emotional and financial strain of litigation, we make it our goal to aggressively and effectively diffuse problems to help ease conflict and strain. There are endless subject matters in which conflict can occur and having a knowledgeable attorney with the litigation skills to navigate those conflicts can make a world of difference in time, cost, and peace of mind. Some of these matters of conflict that arise in litigation include and are not limited to:

Conservatorships Guardianships Probate Trust Attorney Torrance

>>  Surcharging trustees and compelling accounting's;

>>  Removal of trustees, conservators, and/or administrators;

>>  Determination of heirship;

>>  Financial elder abuse;

>>  Interpreting Wills and Trusts;

>>  Disputing fee requests;

>>  Will and Trust contests (i.e., improper procedures, incapacity,

        undue influence);

>>  Dispute of beneficiary-designation;

>>  Compelling accounting's and disclosure of assets;

>>  Objecting to accounting's;

>>  Responding to and diffusing a variety of 'bad faith' accusations

        by heirs, beneficiaries, and others.

Extensive knowledge of the law, familiarity with a variety of personalities of litigating parties, the dynamic scenarios that come into play, and a well-rounded feel for judicial perspectives are key elements in resolving and easing disputes. Here at Jeter Law, we work hard to take conscious effort in making arguments that appeal to mediators, arbitrators, commissioners, and Judges to help maximize the success of a desired outcome.

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